Worldwide Expansion of Recognition Centers - Japan opens its own National Academic Recognition Information Center

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Since 1st of September, based on the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the recognition of qualifications in higher education (known as the Tokyo Convention), Japan has inaugurated the National Academic Recognition Information Center to provide information on higher education qualifications in Japan, thus facilitating their recognition worldwide.

The Tokyo Convention aims to facilitate international mobility in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region by establishing a framework for collaboration between States parties for the mutual and equitable recognition of education Higher. The parties should set up and maintain National Information Centres (NIC) to provide information on higher education in each State. Japan joined in December 2017, and the Convention entered into force in February 2018. As of 1st of August 2019, there are eight signatory states: Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Holy See, Mongolia and Turkey.

The National Information Centre for academic recognition in Japan provides information about the Japanese higher education system, provides information about education systems in other countries, in particular from States parts of the Convention Tokyo, performs relevant studies and research in the field of the recognition of studies, and also seeks to create a global network for the recognition of higher education qualifications.

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